9 Best Arabic Books For Kids

Arabic EbooksJanuary 2, 2022

When you buy a book for your kid or when you want to give a book to your kid for reading, you must have to choose the best one. For this reason, I tried to help you select the best Arabic text for your kid. Let’s check out the list of best Arabic books for kids.

1. I Would Love to Eat the Moon (أريد ان آكل القمر)

Rania Zebib Daher is an award-winning author. She wrote this book for the kids. The plot of this story is about the imagination of a little girl. The name of the child is Hala. Once Hala wishes to eat the moon Because she thinks the moon is delicious, reminding her of a delicious bun.

The next day she was surprised to see the moon because the moon had grown more diminutive in size, and she believed that she had eaten the moon in her dream. Thus, she eats the moon every day, and the moon becomes smaller. This story tells the funny story of a girl’s Unrealistic fantasies.

2. What’s in Mommy’s Tummy? (ماذا في بطن ماما ؟)

The famous author Abby Cocovini wrote this book for the kids. The concept of this book is about how a young child becomes grow. Undoubtedly it is the perfect book for introducing a young child to the idea of how babies grow. This book was first published on April 26, 2007, by the Pavilion Children’s publishing company.

3. Grandma’s Cabbage (ملـفـوفة جدتي)

This book is an excellent book for kids. Sahar Naja Mahfouz wrote this book. The plot of this book revolves around a little boy. He hates the cabbage because he thinks it has a bad smell. But his grandma was planting the vegetable. The boy was surprised to see that his grandma had prepared cabbages for lunch and dinner on the weakened.

4. It is So Yummy (لذيذ جدا)

So Yummy is an Arabic kid’s book collection from Fanny Letournel. The cookbook includes simple recipes for delicious breakfasts. These recipes are easy to implement for children, with some help from parents. This book is a book that will help children prepare nutritious foods and also help the kids to know the nutritional information.

5. By My Side (دائماً معي)

By My Side is a kid’s collection from Cathy Khattar. The story of this book was written about a little boy and his shadow. Once, he discovers a friend who is always by his side. He loves his friend dearly and considers him his best friend, for he is still by his side. The book highlights the massive truth in a child’s thinking.

6. Butterfly Ears (أذنا فراشة)

The Butterfly Ears is a kid’s book by Luisa Aguilar. This book translates by Fatima Sharafeddine and Luisa Aguilar. This book is written about a small girl Mira. She thinks that she is different from all others, and also she is proud of that. It is a perfect book that encourages children to accept and appreciate all their differences and unique features.

7. Aladdin

Aladdin is a fiction story of Arabiya. The story of this book revolves around a boy and a magic lamp. Suddenly Aladdin got the magic lamp and And in its aid, many do impossible. Aladdin is a classic story re-told with easy-reading text for children who have just started reading independently.

8. Goodword Quran Dictionary for Kids(Goodword)

Goodword Quran Dictionary is an ideal reference book for kids curious to know about the Quran. It is specially designed for kids; this unique treasury of the Quran guides them through over 350 essential names, terms, and concepts mentioned in the Quran.

9. My Marvelous Arabic Alphabet

My Marvelous Arabic Alphabet is undoubtedly a helpful book to introduce all ages children to the Arabic alphabet. This book was initially published on July 12, 2012. The author of this book is New Medina Kids.


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