Best Arabic Poetry Books Of All Time

Arabic EbooksJanuary 2, 2022

Arab poetry is the oldest literary sign. Here we tried to make a list of the best Arabic poetry books of Arab literature. These books are marked as must-read books for those who like to read Arabic poems. Arabic poetry has the finest tradition. If you read these books, you will also feel it.

1. Kitab Al-Hamasah (حماسة)

The Kitab Al-Hamasah book is also familiar to Arab literature readers as Hamasah. This book is considered an anthology of Arabic poetry. This book was compiled by Abu Tammam in the 9th century. Hamasah is called one of the primary sources of early Arabic poetry.

2. Mu’allaqat (المعلقات‎)

The Mu’allaqat book is a collection of seven long Arabic poems. This book is considered the best literary work of pre-Islamic Arabia. Paul Smith translated this book into English, and the title of this book is The Seven Golden Odes of Arabia: The Mu’allaqat.

3. The Poetry of Arab Women

The Poetry of Arab Women book is one of the bestselling poetry anthologies and winner of the PEN Oakland Literary Award. Arab women poets are virtually unknown to the west. But their works are considered one of the oldest literary works.

4. Roba’yat Salah Jahin (رباعيات صلاح جاهين)

Roba’yat Salah Jahin is a book, which will take you into the depth of the scarred human soul. In this book, the author discusses the romantic estate of mind in the period of the ’50s and ’60s. I hardly suggest this book. I think this book is a must-read book for everyone.

5. Amal Donqol: Complete Works (الأعمال الكامل)

Mostafa Lotfy Manfalouty wrote this book, which is considered one of the best poetry collections. Amal Donqol: Complete Works book is so popular with Arab literature readers. I hope you will like this book if you are a poetry genre book lover.

Mural (جدارية)

The Mural is a famous poetry book of Arabic literature. Mahmoud Darwish wrote this book. Mural was first published in 2017. John Berger and Rema Hammami translated this book into English. Collect this book if you are interested in reading this book.

Kitab Al-Aghani

Kitab Al-Aghani is one of the best works by Abu al-Faraj al-Isfahani. This book is a comprehensive collection of poems and songs. This book runs to over 20 volumes in modern editions. This book is a must-read book. Kitab Al-Aghani was first published in 2010.

If you want to read these books free, you can collect the PDF copy of these books. I hope you will enjoy these books.


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